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If the plots coalesce well in the coming episodes, if the cast of characters is fleshed out as more than fanservice, and if the series stays with the few strengths is has, then this series might end up being watchable for a general audience.

I typically am not a fan of these type of series but do love a solid girls with guns show. Gorgeous milf galleries. You might think that I would have given this a lower grade and maybe I should.

They are jammed together like sardines in a can, making all of the characters read as one-dimensional, their names not worth remembering, and an episode that rushes through the interesting parts of what it has to offer, in favor of lackluster, poorly choreographed action scenes that do not make sense because very little time has been taken to set up the universe in which they take place. Triage x nude. In all honesty this show is a bit crazy, yes. Lists with This Book. You're going to be beat over the head with oversexed female designs.

By vixdecker on Apr 9, - See all reviews by vixdecker. Lots of better ecchi shows out there with fleshed out characters. MA for nudity and violence Overall Personal Rating: There is a serious drama that provides plenty of girls with guns and a very sympathetic male lead character with a overabundance of nudity.

If this post was automatically deleted, then it means that the janitors that reviewed it thought it didn't belong on this site. Arashi was the perfect protagonist, being clueless in a sea of boobs, even though he and Mikoto were in the shower room together. See image sample for information.

The last few episodes seemed like there were some curve balls thrown in, and all of a sudden Mikoto taking a fancy to Arashi and Mikoto's voice even seemed to have changed in the last episodebut it looked as though it could all be pieced together--IF there were about another 10 episodes or so!

Read the rules before proceeding! This serves as a way to grace posts post Ikkitousen — Extravaganza Epoch fanservice compilation. You are a sexy girl. Where as western people like cartoons about badass women kicking ass. Mostly I will have to agree with what sortoffaerygirl is saying and that it appears that there won't really be any plot development, but I will be giving this a 4 star for now as that this is only in reality the first ep.

Most common use case. Animation quality remains solid. Preview — Triage X, Vol. I understand they want to establish setting for us to understand, but I felt it could have been better explained through other avenues than just thrown at the audience's face. Sometimes the rounded faces you often see in high school anime can get old and makes you appreciate the angular beauty of this art style more when you come across it. For photos, look under the about us selection.

Again, I was even willing overlook the horribly drawn breasts on Yuko to try to see the plot for what it was, but it all crumbled! The dirty cop attempting to do good is the most interesting character in the show, and he gets the least amount of time to be interesting. Registration is absolutely free and takes less then a minute to complete.

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Oh, and zero character development. Nude girls tumblr videos. Don't get me wrong, im a man that loves boobs just as much as the next, but having them shoved in my face for a half hour when im hoping for an entertaining and in-depth story line was totally distracting. The female villains aren't very repulsive, more pitiable.

Louis anime store established in October Fixing the order is also permitted to some extent. There are at least three scenes with censored nudity in the first episode. Busou Shinki-Armored War Goddess: This is just your average action and fan service hybrid. Those scenes come out of nowhere at times and were incredibly forced in The Testament of a Sister New Devilyet that show is rated higher and loved more than Triage X? Except Freezing was smart enough to make its ecchi moments more comedic and sort of separate them from the overall grimness of the rest of it.

This show can be safely skipped for the time being. This sends it to the moderation queuewhere it has three days to be re-approved before it is deleted. I actually got into the plot, and was even willing to overlook the boobage. I typically am not a fan of these type of series but do love a solid girls with guns show. Drew scott naked. Triage x nude. It's like expecting the main course--but it never comes! Lists with This Book.

This is bad because a show should not make you wish that you were watching something else. I don't know if doing a BGC homage was in the mind of the writers and directors, but the comparisons are nearly unavoidable. Well, i love the story line so far after episode 1.

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Music is still unimportant. Paperbackpages. It's labeled as ecchi for a reason everyone, and you should go into this expecting exactly that. Leave this field empty. The way they threw that random-ass bath scene in there, and the LAME action that made it seem like a climax was coming--made the show fizzle out like cheap Acme fireworks!

It is clean all the way through action sequences and you never feel lost with what is going on. It's the kind of ecchi that makes the fatal mistake of taking itself too seriously, which makes As others have stated, know what you are getting into. Thick lesbian women. Triage X provides the excitement that goes with a serious girls with guns even if their breast to tend to overshadow the plot and action.

Complete Collection on Blu-ray.

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Grace hansen nude This serves as a way to grace posts post Don't get me wrong, im a man that loves boobs just as much as the next, but having them shoved in my face for a half hour when im hoping for an entertaining and in-depth story line was totally distracting. Leave this field empty.
URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 PALETTE SWATCHES Greg rated it liked it Jan 20, Once you are a member you can upgrade to LIVE at any time.
Mega tits mobile The plots are not developed, they are still mashed together with certain parts just vanishing for an episode and a terrible "sting" that teases something that was more interesting than the whole episode. Fixing the order is also permitted to some extent. This censoring to drive Blu-Ray sales is disrespectful to the audience who is going to make a reason for the physical media release in the first place.

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