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Selina later discovered that the bite from the vampire made it so that she would transform into a "were-cat" by night with enhanced speed, strength, and enhanced senses. So however important it is that it's "their" work, pretty often "they" and "their work" are chosen just by what has sold their products well in the past.

And the lobotomy they gave Starfire, turning her from sweet and sensitive into emotionless, cold, sex-starved idiot, is already legendary.

Selina kyle naked

In a single arc she gained Cat-God based enhancements that apparently made her faster than she previously was. Lesbian tries dick porn. I keep seeing people attempting to say these panels are some how feminist and she's owning her sexuality. Hank pant a seat. Selina kyle naked. Submit a new link. In these books, I've seen women in every possible contortion to show off both their ass and their breasts, all while wearing outfits both bizarre and pretty ineffective at performing the duties of clothes.

You know what would be just great? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Catwoman is more a hero than a villain now. Pages PREV 1 2. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. Christy big tits. Not a single solitary one.

Typically when comics decide to pass a mantle, the wise thing to do is to hint at it in the comics for a while and see what fan reaction is. This character is or was an incarnation of or an ally of Batmanand a member of the Batman Family. If you think that is bad, Harley left the Joker thought he was dead, but he is alive and faceless. The Shark had been killed and vampirized by the Joker's vampire henchmen, and the Shark's home had been fashioned into a secret base for the vampires.

As March puts it, "The action in this scene was a depiction of who Selina was: Busty anoreix, Pics porn final fantasy. Personally I wish writers will make up their mind as to which demographic they are targetting.

There's really not nearly as much freedom as people like to make it out to seem. Do I think they're better on some global scale because of it? See if they had done a better job of introducing Miles, had him floating around as a possible Spidey replacement, had him training with Peter, and things like that, it might have gone over better. Catwoman knows Batman's identity. It would have been more trouble than it's worth to have taken that to print.

Of all the things to base a character's appearance or actions on, I don't think trying to turn on your audience is something that should be a primary goal. But, when Batman needed the selfless love of a woman to help hold back his vampiric thirst for blood, he sought Selina's help. Because if this isn't official, and wasn't used despite being a wank fantasy S and Wonder Woman's new 52 lore the letter. Amazing blowjob cum. Which happens to be the same audience for comics and games.

Aaaand a tad juvenile. I can like aspects of something and consider other qualities juvenile.

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Hank pant a seat. She is also much more feminist than her 90s counterpart. April e nude pics. Respect Threads should be clear, concise, and accurately portray the character in question.

Just saying it's OK to make stuff that doesn't appeal to everyone and their grandma. Selina kyle naked. To be honest while I've heard of such things I didn't hear much outrage because of the racial change, though some people try and project that onto cases when they are having an argument with a comics purist of a sort.

They stopped that continuity long ago. Nudity is pretty much limited to properties that were already "mature" to begin with and even then limited to exposed breasts and flaccid penises or in at least in all the graphic novels I've seen.

The old Amanda Waller was a woman who could intimidate Batman into backing down just through sheer force of character.

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She's a pretty iconic character in a lot of ways. Or it doesn't matter because suspension of disbelief in a world with super powers. Wayne Manner This grates me something fierce. I really should've posted this yesterday, as it'll probably be quite buried now, buuuut One thing or another comes up and I don't manage to get to the Comicon or Fan Expo or other show, or I don't get a chance to stop by the local comic shop to just browse through the books or whatever.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Caribbean nude beaches. There's really not nearly as much freedom as people like to make it out to seem. Even down to the guy who would become her boyfriend which isn't superman for a change. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. If you think that is bad, Harley left the Joker thought he was dead, but he is alive and faceless.

IF Selina is now supposed to be a woman who uses her sexuality as a weapon, this is probably the clumsiest way to do it. Do not use wikis as a source for feats, or use YouTube as a site to host feats.

Selina attacked Batman, but was subdued by the vampiric Dark Knight. Also, he possibly has a daughter who lives in the sewers but that is a different can of worms. Log in or sign up in seconds. Flashing tits dare. Freehardcore moviesJiu jitsu sex. Seems they were right to censor that one since people can't help but loose their minds when anyone gets naked.

I smiled at the Florida bit. Selina offered to assist Batman in hunting down the last of the vampires who were now being led by The Joker, however Batman turned down the offer.

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