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Next contest, DC asks Harley Quinn be raped by tentacles to win contest.

Unless this was changed, it should be noted that Harley might very well have a hard time offing herself using relatively normal methods because she takes a LOT more to kill than a normal person.

About the time they gassed a building and took out a few hundred people which has happened more than once I believe I suspect one of the arresting officers would have had an "accidental firearms malfunction" in transit. Milf in pub. Yes, that there is a contest at all, it shouldn't have happened, just shop the idea to artists. Harley quinn naked cartoon. Monster grabbed the girl and have sex. That's fine, suicide while naked? As for why I'm bothered by it, well, why mention the nakedness? So let's say I half understand. While it's been a long time, I did read quite a few issues of her previous solo series which started when "The Joker" kicked her out of the gang and even had his guys trying to kill her I believe because she had stirred some odd feelings in him which he found disturbing.

Harley Quinn is an important character. I mean seriously, stop and think about not only how many people these two have killed, but how they have gone about it, including some very sadistic gimmicks like getting people to laugh themselves to death. I saw it mentioned in the OT forum thread about this and I for one think it's a hilarious take on it.

It was you who brought up sexualisation here. Sign Up For Free. I find it surprising how people are focusing on the wrong aspect of this thing. Lesbian footworship videos. Provide four scenarios in which it is simply not possible to be sexy, and see who can still turn in solid work. For a long time, she was a female villain-henchman that, while many considered her "sexy," was not overtly sexualized in the "seen half-naked all the time" way.

Your account does not have posting rights. As I pointed out in my previous post, in the actual comics they gave Harley actual super abilities enhanced physical abilitieswhich to my knowledge they never removed in the comics continuity and if they did could return in a time of stress.

She is obsolete when the 90s joker is gone too. These are people who run around running a carnival of murder where a garish appearance disguises lethal gadgets. Vampyr Sudden Strike 4: So, I think this is about weeding out exactly the type of artists folks are complaining about. And I think there's gonna be a lot of that in this process, really -- people focusing so much on the scenario that they forget to draw the character in a recognizable way.

We shouldn't be arguing about the logistics of the suicide whether she's naked, whether it's in character, etc Top 5 with Lisa Foiles. They haven't even demanded that we see any skin, only that she be naked in a bathtub trying to kill herself. That has been slipping, as she has become the buxom blonde in a belly shirt and short skirt. How could that image even be sexy?

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Irregardless of how she was drawn.

Since this is an art contest, in art, the use of the word 'naked' means they want the person s unclothed state to be sexualized. Lily rabe nude fakes. That has been slipping, as she has become the buxom blonde in a belly shirt and short skirt. Nothing there is inherently sexual nor objectifying.

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So, why does everyone assume they want Harley to commit suicide? You are losing money guys just please They're doing it hard. So in reality the "boobs only girl" was more bullshit from people who never read the new comics. That's fine, suicide while naked? The thing that supposedly bothers you is no longer the thing you are arguing for Earlier you wanted evidence that nobody blink an eyelid if it were a man. The joker dumped her in the vats, and she got a heaping helping of back story to boot.

Why is this guy still employed? It's ridiculous how worked up people get about this thing in particular mass murder? Trump's "African American" not his supporter. Harley quinn naked cartoon. This is ridiculous, and a big fuss over nothing. And you want to object to a contest to see who can draw a four-panel gag strip that features a comic book character that most people on the street wouldn't even know the name of?

So let's say I half understand. Despite numerous attempts with mixed results nobody has managed to get her over that in any lasting sense though it has happened temporarily at least not that I know of. Free porn xxx big ass. I'm bothered by the 'naked' requirement.

Furthermore, you go on to build yourself a nice little strawman by supplying evidence of a different suicide to support your point that "if this was exactly the same, but with the Joker, no one would be offended.

If Harley Quinn attempting to commit suicide is such an important part of her character development and the overall story in the comic, why are they divulging resources and letting everyone else handle that aspect of the story? No matter that it's just one of 4 scenarios and the most realistic. Sign up to RedTube for free so that you can:. To me, it speaks of little respect for the actual character or integrity in making the damn comic in the first place.

Wow, didn't think I'd be in such a minority here. I find it surprising how people are focusing on the wrong aspect of this thing.

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